When it comes to pay per click management, PPC Bid management remains the most complex section of this campaign as advertisers now have varied options such as automated bidding option in Google as well as many other third-party bid management solutions. Every approach has its own upsides and downsides. Have you ever wondered about how the advertisers gain from this PPC bid management strategy? Here we will discuss some useful PPC bid management tips that can ease your work PPC bid management procedure and will help your business to meet the set goals.

Whether to opt for automated Bidding in Google Adwords or not?
Well it is a very difficult question to answer as the usage of this tool depends on certain factors that determine the conversion rate. The most common benefits that an advertiser can get by this tool are as follows:

  • It is available free of cost.
  • Changes are automated in nature.
  • It streamlines the whole processes and provides ample time to focus on other important works such as ad writing and conversion optimization.
  • Helps in meeting the KPI targets much more efficiently via CPA and CPC.
  • More number of clicks within allocated within allocated budget thereby eventually fetching increased conversion.

What goes against Automated Bidding in Google Adwords?

  • Many advertisers or PPC managers prefer manual bidding rather automated one as it offers more flexibility and gives proper control over the whole process.
  • Use of third party bid management software as they offer more flexibility and robust features.
  • According to some experts, automated options cost them more than manual CPC bidding or using an automated rule to control costs.
  • According to experts’ view, there are many other variables (offline and online) that arises during the tenure /life of keywords that occur during the life of keywords that can prove more counter-productive for the clients’ business.

What’s Should be the Ideal PPC bid management tips?

  • Scrutinize The Automation Process Closely: In this age of stiff competition, you can’t take things for granted. Never loose sight of your goal or in other words, don’t set and forget the bid rules. So monitor the trends closely to find the whole purview of the implemented rules on the result of your campaign. It will help you to analyze the aggressiveness of settings.
  • Adjustment in Automation Strategy: With the pace in the lifecycle of a campaign the strategies and goals also needs to vary in order to ensure the success of campaign. At certain point of time you may need to shift your focus on the procurement in the volume of certain factors such as impressions, clicks etc while at other point you may need to explore the ways that can improve the ROI (Return on Investment) quotient. This implies that there is an evolvement in the overall strategy of the business.  So as per the current requirement of the campaign bid rules needs to adjust accordingly to keep a strong KPI but avoid too early or frequent bid variations.
  • Do Research and Development: While finalizing on any bidding strategy one should make sure that it fits your advertising goals. So never feel hesitation in testing and experimenting with different bidding options. By doing this you gain knowledge about the facts and things that and see what works best. I recommend estimated first-page bid and top page bid metrics, because they give a great insight in how much you should bid. Try the Keyword Traffic Estimator tool to get an idea of the potential click traffic, average CPC, and cost per day for your keywords.
  • Tune in Between Cost and High-Quality Traffic: Always try to explore the sweet spot between the cost factor and the quality of targeted traffic if you wish to taste the success in your campaign. Analyze the pros and cons to make sure that the tool you are going to use won’t affect the whole performance of your campaign in a negative way. Set a look back review period in order to make strategically organized moves that will help you in deciding whether to raise or to lower the bid for the keywords.

We hope that these tips will really prove beneficial for any PPC bid management campaign. Now you must have become familiar with some PPC bid management tips for your website? Do you wish to associate yourself with an expert SEO company that can offer its professional PPC management services to strengthen your web presence thereby attracting more visitors? Contact SAI Internet Marketing (India) a reliable and affordable SEO company that offers its premium SEO and PPC Management Services to carve out a distinct niche for your business by giving you an edge over your competitors. To learn more about PPC Bid Management Tips, visit us at www.Saiinternetmarketing.com  or you can Request a Free Quote. Our marketing team would love to hear from you.