Google Analytics is a tool to trace your website visitors. Google Analytics helps you to find out how your visitors found and use your website, how you can enhance your website visitors/customers experience of visiting your website which help you to improve your ROI. Google Analytics also track how many visitors are visiting your website and from which computer, browser & location they are visiting. However, there is a little confusing thing for you if you’re in search of actual visitors/customers for your website because Google Analytics counts all visitors data including your visits from your home and office or any other visits that you don’t want to count, if you’re not filtering your office and home IP Address. Google Analytics providing this filtering option to include or exclude any IP address you want.

So if you want to remove or block any IP address then how you will do it, here is a step to step guide that will help you to block an IP address on Google Analytics:

  • Open Your Google Analytics Account
  • Go to Your Account Overview Page (where your website profile is available for which you want to remove or block an IP address)
  • You will find “Filter Manager” option just below the Website profiles table. Open Filter Manager.
  • Add a Filter Name.
  • Then select exclude traffic from the IP address from filter type drop down lists.
  • There will be an IP address field appear automatically, enter correct values of your IP address. Here is an example:
    • If your IP address is then use 122/.160/.136/.162
  • If you want to block a range of IP address:
    • If your IP address is and you want to block to then use 122/.160/.136/.[162-169]
  • Now select the website profile for which you want to use this filter from available website profiles.
  • Click on the add button.
  • Now Click on Save Changes.

Now you have successfully blocked an IP address in Google Analytics. Now Google Analytics will not show any visitors information from that IP address. If you want to check your office or home IP address then visit from your office or home computer, this website will show you the IP address.