In this era of stiff competition, every business wants to rake in top rank for important local keywords. SEO is an important marketing channel but it is not an ultimate magic wand that can fix other important glitches of your website. To get an optimum ROI, focus on improving conversion rates of your website. A website should be appealing to the visitors and coerce them to visit it again. Before SEO, there are some of the top things that SMB websites need to fix. These are as follows:

Highlight Your Contact Info at the Top of Every Webpage

Some of you might be thinking it’s a very common practice. You’ll be surprised to know most of the SMBs often fail to display or highlight their toll free contact number or other primary contact number at the top of every website. Every business wants conversions. Displaying your business number will help your business to achieve the required conversion. So ensure that you don’t miss out putting your phone number in people’s face.

Analyze Your Customer Requirements:

Websites are designed for customers not for search engines. Your business website may be a source of information for a wide range of targeted audiences with varied requirements. Try to understand and analyze their varied requirements. Whenever users visits your website, you website must be able to fortify the individual needs of users. In simple words whenever a visitor visits your website, he/she need not roam here and there in pursuit of desired information. This is really a challenging task for a site that contains voluminous content.

Create content That Can Pacify Customer Requirements

Content is of utmost importance for any website. Use a FAQ section on your website that consists of frequent questions and answers related to your business sphere. Content should offer a deep insight into your product or services. Impressive and engaging content helps a website in generating quality leads for a business.

Avoid Using Clip Art

In order to offer your website a distinct look and feel, avoid using clip art on your website. It is advisable to choose amongst a wide variety of low cost design services that can offer your website a decent look and feel within your budget. Be unique and natural.

Highlight Your Trust Factors

To build a trustworthy relation with your existing and potential customers, it is essential to highlight your trust factors such as awards, certificates, logos and recognition from other trusted sources. Moreover, adding testimonials to your website adds value to your business and makes a significant impact in coercing visitors to opt for your product/services. Logos from trusted sources such as PayPal, BBB etc adds credibility to your website. Positive review from trusted sites also adds up to your reputation and boosts your trust factor.

Add Call to Action on Every page of Your Website

Frame an impressive call to action message for your website and place it over every page of your website. It prompts a visitor to take the required action if he/she is in need of your product/ service. It can play a crucial role in improving the conversion rate of your business.

Identify Your Targeted Customers

Every business owner wishes to receive good amount of traffic for his website but that’s not enough if traffic is not qualified (i.e. not from targeted audiences). Supply right content, product/service details and support to assist your visitor. Focus on receiving traffic from targeted audiences so as to improve your ROI.

Consistent and Updated Business Information

Display your valid contact information including your business address, contact numbers, business hours on your website. Make sure that the same business information is made available through various channels including local business sources including Google Places, Yelp, yahoo, Bing etc. If your business organizes events, make an event calendar on your website and update it regularly.

Improve Your ROI with Improved Conversion rates

Focus on improving your business conversion rates through various other mediums like social media engagement, etc. Moreover you’’ need to reinvest in SEO time and over for maintaining better conversion rate.

I hope that this post might have provided you a brief insight of issues that need to be fixed before SEO. Interested in reading more such valuable posts, visit our website. Your views and suggestions on this post will be appreciated.