Reaching out to targeted customers has always been the implicit desire of every business. Google a major search engine giant offers various ways to reach out to potential customers. AdWords Express, AdWords and Local Google+ pages are some of the popular means of reaching targeted audiences. Here is a comparison between these three.

AdWords Express:
Google Express especially made out for small business owners who don’t have the required time, budget and/or are less internet savvy to mess up with their AdWords account.

Evolution of Google AdWords Express:

Adwords Express has been an advanced form of Google Boost. No extensive work is required for setting up AdWord Express advertisement. You just need to add a few keywords and select proper business country to get your campaign started. Advertisements are displayed within 15-20 minutes of setup. No need to claim your business page before setting up the Express account. It has higher CTR and conversions at the 4 and 5 positions of ad listing. No need to pay top dollars to achieve top slot among listings. You can create multiple listings for different categories. Review rating and star count are also present along with your ad listing in case of AdWord express. Moreover it eliminates the guessing part which was involved in Adwords.


It is a paid technique of advertising. It offers you sheer control over your ad campaign. By using AdWords, your business can reach local as well as global places. Focus is on keywords and keyword bidding is an important process. It allows your ad to be displayed on Google search as well as Google search network (Google partner) websites. Define a budget and use it accordingly. Whenever a visitor clicks on ad you need to pay for it.

To get your advertisement reach the intended audiences in an effective manner, you need to invest money in your ad. It will enable you to get good quality score for your ad. It does not implies that increasing the bid will improve your quality score instead quality score depends upon CTR in AdWords. History/past staus of your AdWords account is the other way through you can keep a tab on the raising the bid for your keywords.

Local Google+ Page:
Create a public identity and strengthen your online presence with local Google+ pages. You can promote your local business by creating a public identity for your business by using local Google+ page. It’s available free of cost. You can share your thoughts, posts, images and videos with your targeted audiences by putting them in various groups.

Here is a brief insight of the prime differences between the aforementioned tools:

Features Google AdWords Express Google Adwords Google+ Plus Page
Cost Payment Required Payment required Free of Cost
Need of Website for business No Yes No
Integration With Google Places Yes (Shown on map as Blue marker) No Yes (shown on map as Red marker)
Focus on Keywords/Keyword Bidding No Yes No
Ease of Use Easy to Manage Requires SEM Experts Easy management
Payment on Clicks Yes Yes Not Applicable
Place of Advertisement Google Search Network (U.S only) Google search +content network Google Plus + Google search results
Management Automatically managed by Google Manual management by SEM expert Manual Management is required
Geographical Target Local Anywhere Not Applicable
Use of Videos No Yes Yes
Advertisement on Mobile Yes Yes Not Applicable
Setup Time Instant Setup within 15-20 minutes Takes Time to start campaign Not Applicable



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