EPC: EPC is Earnings Per Click technique like on each click how much profit you can get from a paid ad.

EPV: EPV is an Earnings Per Visitor technique like the cost it takes to create profit from a site’s entirety number of visitors.

Entry Page: Entry Page is also known as Doorway Page

External linking: External linking also known as outbound links to other web site link from your web site. Most people and search engines don’t like that technique because people don’t want that visitor come on their site and go to another and If you link out to lots of inferior sites or mostly rely on inferior reciprocal links some search engines may not rank your site well.

Ethical link building: Ethical link building is a best technique of a link builder and absolutely legal way of link building and view not spam this link building technique give long term success and benefit to achievement of a business.

Ethical seo: Ethical seo is the best technique for a webmaster and absolutely legal way of seo and gives long term benefit and success of a web site and don’t have any type of risk of ban and spam by search engines.