White Hat SEO: White Hat SEO is known as a ethical SEO accepted by the search engines. This is totally opposite of Black Hat SEO and so much likely techniques by all search engines


WordPress: WordPress is an exceptional open-source web publishing & content management system. Produced primarily as blogging software, WordPress is in print PHP and backed through a MySQL database, it is ideal for managing content that is commonly updated.


Wordtracker: Word tracker is an admired keyword research tool


Web browser: Software set up on the Internet user’s computer that permits user to view web pages. Popular web browsers embrace Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.


Web Crawler: Web Crawler also identified as a “web robot” or “web spider”, it is a program or robotic script which browses the World Wide Web in a systematic, mechanized manner.


Web standards: Web standards are extensively approved guidelines for “CSS”, “XHTML” etc. Web standards help make sure that web sites are accessible on a large variety of platforms and to a spacious range of users as well as users with disabilities.


Weblog: Weblog is basically public web site where users can post informal journals of their “thoughts”, “comments”, and “philosophies”, updated commonly and normally reflecting the view’s of the blog’s creator


Whois: Whois refers to each domain has an owner of all record. Ownership data is stored in the Whois all record for that domain like company name, address and telephone number, email id etc.


W3C: W3C describe as World Wide Web Consortium. Situate the standards on the web, together with CSS, HTML, XML. WAI is its “Web Accessibility Initiative”.


World Wide Web: World Wide Web also known as WWW and it’s an additional term to describe the Internet.