Unethical SEO: Unethical search engine optimization techniques that are measured immoral and can result in receiving sites banned from the search engines. Examples of this consist of Keyword stuffing, where the site includes of a long list of keywords. Hidden text is when the text on the webpage is the similar color as the background.


Unique visitors: Unique visitors are calculation of entity users who have right of entry to your web site. It should be noted that the “user session” metric does not give way to a correct unique visitor count, as numerous user sessions can be produced by one unique visitor.


URL Rewrite: URL Rewrite is a technique which is used to help create web site URLs more user and search engine friendly.


URL: URL is known as Uniform Resource Locator. Its can identify the locality of a “web page”, an “email address”, or a file on an “FTP server”, among other things.


User agent: User agent is basically the name of the browser or spider that is at present visiting a page. For example, “Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.google.com/bot.html)”


Usability: Usability is calculated for how simple or difficult users find the website to be when they wish to execute their most wanted action. It is exaggerated by the website’s structure, layout, text formatting and hyperlinks, among others. A website that scores very high on usability means higher translation rates.


User session: User Session is an example of an Internet user right of entry in your web site for duration of time, and then leaved. Throughout a user session any number of WebPages may be accessed. Its measured finished once a by chance chosen period of inactivity – usually 30 minutes – is exceeded.