Toolbar: A Toolbar is a bar that holds buttons for the most frequently-used commands in an application. Typically, a toolbar comes into view under a menu bar. Most popular toolbars are “Google Bar” and “Alexa Bar”.


Traffic: Traffic refers to the quantity of activity on a Web site. Regularly is calculated in page visitors or views.


Track back: Track back is basically an announcement that someone has linked to a document on your website. This permits authors to keep track of who is linking or submitting to their articles.


Tracking: Track back is online advertisement which opens the chance to track audience response during the life of a movement. Tracking and reporting tools can assist you learn as you go, so you can purify your ad creative, placement options, and spending levels if you’re not considering the results you expect. The publisher of your ads usually will offer reports on ad impersonation and click through. For extra analysis of your traffic and actual customer exchange rates, you’ll need to make tracking mechanisms into your website.


Thesaurus: Thesaurus is totally similar to a dictionary but the different is it does include lists of synonyms rather than definitions.


Title Attribute: Title Attribute is proposed to provide supplementary information about a component.


Title tag: Title tag refers the text which is presented in the blue bar at the top of the browser window such as above “Back,” “Forward,” “Refresh,” “Print,” etc. and its the title of an HTML webpage assist’s site visitors keep track of what they’re viewing as they browse and search, and it recognizes the webpage in the visitor’s history and bookmark lists.


Text Link Ads: Text link ads are an advertisement in the format of a text link.


Tagging: Tagging is defined as Word descriptions.


Type pad: Type pad is basically a blogging service that hosts “Blogs” and small business “Web Sites”.


Term Vector Database: Term Vector Database refers a prejudiced index of documents which intends to appreciate the topic of documents based on how comparable they are to other documents, and then match the most appropriate documents to a search query based on vector length and angle..