Page Rank: Google’s proprietary calculate link popularity for web pages. It is articulated as a score in a range of 0 to 10 “e.g. 4/10” with 0 being low and 10 being high. Page rank also known as (PR).


Pay-per-click (PPC): Pay Per Click is a contextual advertisement scheme where advertisers pay advertisement agencies “such as Google, yahoo or MSN” whenever a user or a viewer clicks on their advertisement. Adwords and Adcenter etc. is an example of PPC advertising.


Pay-per-post (PPP) : Pay Per Post a profitable marketplace that links advertisers and blogger’s for the purpose of analysis of products and websites. Also from time to time used as a general term for any paid blogging system.


PDF: PDF is known as Portable Document Formatter Adobe’s PDF allows a file to observe and be viewed just the way it was produced and does not depend on the “Computer” and “Web browser” software that is being used. It is usually used for files which are to be printed.


PHP: PHP is known as Popular Web Programming Language.PHP was produced for web development and can be embedded into “HTML”. It is very much popular because of its quick reaction time, good protection and the fact that it is easy to find out.


Paid Inclusion: Paid inclusion is the purpose of paying search engines to embrace a website’s pages to the search engine index or crawl.


Portal: Portal is a website that functions as a point of entry to information on the web. Portals are either trustworthy hub for a given subject or trendy content driven sites.


Page Popularity: Page Popularity is a calculation of the number and superiority of links to a particular page (inbound links). Many search engines are progressively using page popularity in the positioning procedure or algorithms. The number and value of inbound links is becoming as significant for the optimization of webpage content.


Page View: Page viewed also known as page impression and is basically measure on the number of time discrete pages of a website are served.


Popup: Popup is a basically a window blinked with the main site and open with a new browser window.


Pay for inclusion (PFI): Pay for inclusion is also known as Paid inclusion. It is the model of paying to make sure a web site is listed in a search index and crawl. This can be very expensive, but also very necessary and significant to make sure a website is visible in the major search engines.


Paid placement:  It’s an advertising program in which website get listed whenever a user or viewer searches for a term & that website come into view.