Navigation: Navigation is basically designed by designers on the web site & used by users to see where they are and where they should

Niche: A specific topic or subject which a website is focused and attentive for.

NOFOLLOW: A website can guide a search engine crawler, not to follow a link that becomes visible on it. The idea being that the target website’s ranking will not manipulate the website indexed. Nofollow attribute values are most frequently used on sites with user created content, like user “comments” and “blogs”.

Negative Keyword: Filtered-out keywords to avert ad serves on them in order to evade inappropriate click-through charges on, for example, products that you do not put up for sale, or to purify and contracted the targeting of your Ad Group’s keywords. Microsoft adCenter describe them “excluded keywords.” Formatting negative keywords varies through search engine; but they are typically designated with a minus sign.

Negative SEO: The act of reduce in importance a page or website from the SERPS. Most frequently used against a challenger that is higher than your site in the SERPS but can be used purely for fun.

Navigation bar (nav bar): Navigation bar is a graphical or textual webpage that includes navigation hyperlinks to web pages that are component of a web structure and frequently arranged in a row down the left hand side or along the top that plays vital roles in straight spiders or crawlers to the site’s most significant content and in getting site visitors to go bottomless in the website

Natural Links: Natural Links is a listing that emerges lower than the sponsored ads, also identified as Organic Listings.

No frames tag: No Frame tags used when a website is designed by frames then a Meta tag used to offer understandable information for search engine spiders and the search engine results which are not “sponsored”, or “paid” for in any way.

No Index: No Index is a domination found in either the HEAD section of a website page or within entity link code, which is initiates robots to not index the webpage or the specific link.