Meta description: Meta description is basically HTML Language which describes the webpage content and it’s hidden in HTML Meta tags. The Meta description offers an opportunity to authorize how your Web page is described into the search results, but it will not progress your search rankings.

Meta keywords: Meta description is HTML Language which shows the list of relevant keywords related to the webpage content and it’s hidden in HTML Meta tags. It’s not beneficial to your search rankings.

Meta Search: A Meta search product searches several different databases at the same time and provides search results from all of the products and it’s a search engine which drags top ranked results from numerous other search engines and reschedules them into a new result set.

Meta tag stuffing: Meta tag stuffing is repetition of keywords into the Meta tags and used of Meta keywords which is not related to the webpage content.

Meta tags: Meta tags provides information about a webpage and that Information located in the HTML header of a Website page. Two of the most famous Meta tags are Meta description and Meta keywords; regrettably these are unnoticed by most important search engines, including Google.

Mirror site: Mirror site is a concept which is used to duplicate content from another web site and commonly search engine don’t like to index or crawl to that page.

Miserable Failure: Miserable failure is also known as “Google bombing”.

Mod_rewrite: A module or plug-in for Apache web servers which can be used to rewrite appealed URLs on the fly.

Mouse over: Mouse over is a process when you hover the mouse over a text or a graphics link without clicking exhibits something new on the page.

Mozilla Fire fox: Mozilla Fire Fox is a browser such as an Internet Explore

MSN:MSN is referring to the Microsoft Network and it’s also a search engine.