Landing Page: Landing Page is refers to that webpage or web site which opens after click from a link or advertisement by users.

Link bait:Link bait refers to very Useful or high quality web content which compels users to link to it and the process of getting user’s to link to your website.

Link building:Link building is a technique from where a webmasters requesting links of other sites for the purpose of raising your link popularity and Page Rank and the procedure of building high quality linkage data that search engines will appraise to trust your website is trustworthy, appropriate, and dependable.

Link farm:Link farm is a basically group of links on a range of pages exclusively for the purpose of increasing link popularity or page rank for search engines.

Link popularity:Link popularity is a process when other or lots of web site links to your site from where your web site page rank will better in convinced search engines.

Link spam:link spam are Links between pages that are exclusively set up to take improvement of link-based ranking algorithms like Google’s PR.

Links:Link is a text or a graphic and click on that user goes to another webpage or a website. Links are articulated as URLs.

Log file:Log file is known as a file which is generated by server records information about server action.

Log analysis:Log analysis is a popular and significant free tool and Its Client-based log processing explanation designed for website traffic analysis.


Log analysis software:Web log analysis software “also called a web log analyzer” is software which parses a log file from a web server “like Apache”, and based on the values controlled in the log file, pointer about whom, when and how a“web server” is visited.