Keyword: Keyword is a word or a phrase which is search online by users and the search engines user’s used to search the relevant page. If anywhere into the text of your web page the keywords doesn’t appear, it’s extremely not likely your page will become visible in the search results.

Keyword Density:Keywords density is refers to the how many number of times a keyword is continual within a web page, articulated as a fraction of the total number of textual or keywords appear on the page.


Keyword Research:Keyword researching is a searching process of particular keywords which is so relevant and significant for a web site and its also done to recognize keyword popularity for appropriate keywords for the purpose of recognizing the best keywords to target for high and superior search engine rankings.


Keyword Research Tools:Keyword research tool is a very Important and vital tool which can provide you a very potential and probable keywords based on past search value & trends, bid prices & page content from related websites.


Keyword Stuffing:Keyword stuffing refers to adding a keyword into a webpage or link, when submitting to the content of web pages and the words are added for the advantage of search engines and not to human visitors, the keywords may or may not be observable to human visitors. While not essentially a desecration of search engine Terms of Service, at least when the words are able to be seen to humans, it detracts from the contact of a page (it looks like spam).

Key phrase (or keyword phrase):Key phase is basically used in search query. Search query consisting of two or more keywords come together and this expression is also used for targeted most important phrases on a web page in search engine optimization.

Keyword popularity:Keyword popularity is refers to the number of keywords searches by users throughout a particular period of time.