Inbound Link: Inbound links is web site hyperlink which is add into another website this is beneficial for your site because its create page rank of your site and also known as Back Link and Incoming Link.

IP Address:IP Address is known as Internet Protocol Address. It’s used to exclusively identify a computer or a system on the internet and from the IP Address an internet connected to the computer.


Internal Link:Internet Link is hyperlink which points to a different page within the same site


ISP: ISP Known as Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides that how many range of internet related services to consumers counting Internet connectivity, email, website hosting, and domain name registration and hosting.


Internet: A Internet also known as “Net” Display the all world wide information and from where you can send and received all data and information to another computer.


Invisible Web: Invisible web is a term that indicated to huge information of a webpage or web content which is not index or crawl by search engines.


Index :Index is a term used to explain the database that embraces’ all the web pages crawled and index by the search engine for each and every website or webpage.

Inktomi: This is a search engines part of the Yahoo. Its database of search results or sites used by many of the larger search engines like HotBot, MSN etc and used to power various website.