Hallway page: Hallway Page is a page which is holding links to various doorway pages and that serves as an index to a group of pages that is planned for the search engine spiders to find. A site map initiates as a hallway page.


Header tag: Header tag defines the Title, Description and other Meta information of the web page.


Hidden keywords: Hidden tag is a known as keyword which is basically placed in the HTML and invisible and not viewable to human visitors on a webpage.


Hidden Text SEO Spam Tactic: Hidden text is basically the text which is visible and viewable by search engines but invisible or not viewable by human visitor. This is a seo spam technique which mostly spammed by major search engines because it’s used for increase keyword density.


Hijacking of Websites: Hijacking of website is a process where two address or domain name with the same page or web content and it is the form of search engines spaming and clocking and it’s basically illegal technique of seo because that is use for increase and enhance ranking through the illegal way in search engine result pages.


Hits: Hits is known as how many number of times a web page or picture has been viewed or downloaded by visitors and it’s a single access appeal made to the server.


Homepage: Home page is a top page or a main page of a web site and also known as index page.


HTML: HTML is known as Hyper Text Markup Language. This is basic language of all web coding and format of files which is presented on the World Wide Web.


HTML Source: HTML Source is known as HTML programming code and from the browsers when you will go on view and then select source then from where you can see HTML programming coding


Hyperlinks: Hyperlink is as a link into a web site, a webpage or documents and on the second-hand to link one or more documents orwebpage together from where you can go to another webpage or documents etc.


HTTP: HTTP is known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the primary used protocol to converse between servers and web browsers. Hypertext transfer protocol is the means through which data is relocated from its residing location on a server to an active browser.