GAP: GAP is known as Google Advertising Professional and is a totally free program, obtainable by Google, for professional’s aspiration to deal with multiple Google Adwords clients.


Gateway page: Gateway Page is also known as Doorway Page


Geo-Targeting: marketing that is disseminated based on geographic location. Online marketing permits for intention of countries, states, cities and suburbs (in some markets).


Google: Google is the world’s number one and one of the best search engines.


Google AdSense: Google Adsense is a promotional program allows website owners to generate revenue from displaying relevant Google adson their websites. Its automatically matches the content of the website and shows ads relevant Advertisement from there AdWords program including Text ads, Image Ads, video Ads etc.


Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free of cost web Analytics tool presenting detailed visitor statistics. All information and activities about the website like visits, page views, pages per visit, bounce rates and average time on site etc. this tool is very useful and essential for all information and activities about a website.


Google Bombing: Google Bombing is when a group of sites such as blogs connect forces to link to an uncomplimentary page about a company such that this page increase to the top of the search results in Google.


Google Bowling: A term for challenge to spoil a competitor’s website. It’s comes in Black Hat SEO technique used to hammer competitors down or outside from search engine results and it is based on the faith that Google will reprimand a website that has added links too quickly.


Google cache: Google cached is known as a copy of a web site which is stored in a google database.


Google Checkout: Google checkout is a known as payment service provided by Google which facilitate Google better understands merchantalteration rates and the importance of unusual keywords and markets.


Google Dance: Google Dance a process which is basically change in SERPs reasoned updating of the Google database or algorithm and this period of time frequently results in changeability in the index size and some conspicuous changes in search engine result positions.


Google Juice: Internet slang to pass on to the matter which flows connecting web pages by their hyperlinks. Pages with lots of links summiting to them get your hands on much ‘Google Juice’ and pages which link to highly ‘juicy’ pages acquires some replicated ‘Google Juice’.


Google Labs: Google Labs is the home to Google’s latest novelty and beta products. It is a testing ground for new services.


Google Pack: Google Pack is a one-stop and free software particularly selected by Google. There are no testing versions or spyware and it’s equipped to use in just a few clicks.


Google Supplemental Index: Google’s Supplemental Index, is a secondary database holding Supplemental Results – pages reasoned to be of less substance by Google’s algorithm or are less convicted.


Google Toolbar: Google toolbar is software presented by Google which includes the Google search bar and other features into a users Internet Explorer browser and Mozilla Firefox etc.


Google Traffic Estimator: Google Traffic Estimator is a tool which provides the click information on Google Adwards means how many times clicked on google adwards for particular keywords and that tool can be used to signify search volume, estimated ad positions, estimated clicks per day, and estimated cost per day and average cost per click.


Google Trends: Google trends are a tool which permits you to see how Google search volumes for a meticulous keyword change over time.


Google XML Sitemap: Google sitemap is a XML File Its a service and method offered by Google to accelerate and make sure indexing of sites with lots of pages and its shows the list of URLs which is available on a site.


Googlebot: This is the spider or the crawler of Google that crawls and index web sites monthly. Googlebot will performs a deep crawl and index pages on a daily starting point and mark that page in its search results as creature fresh.


Googleware: Googleware is a assortment of tools created by google that can be apply to search, report, play, research.


Googlewhack: A Google search query consisting of two words which come as single result.


Grey Hat SEO: In SEO Webmaster used two types of techniques (Black Hat and White Hat) and SEO’s which use both techniques is called Gray Hat SEO.


Google gadgets: Google gadgets is a totally free service from where you can now make your web pages even more interesting, attractive and useful to your all visitors and all the services like Weather Forecasts, Google Calendar, Date & Time, TeleMessage SMS Sender, Mini Web etc. another lots of services you can get from Google gadgets


Google Search network: Google Search network is as part of a results page as a user navigates through a site’s directory, or on other relevant search pages. Our global search network includes Google Product Search and Google Groups and the following entities: America Online, CompuServe, Netscape, AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink, and others.


Google Content Network: Google’s extensive content network of high value consumer and industry exact websites and products, such as newsletters “U.S. only” and email programs, includes: New York Post Online Edition, Mac Publishing “includes Macworld.com, JavaWorld, LinuxWorld”, HowStuffWorks, and others.