FFA: FFA is known as Free For All links pages. These are sites that permit anyone to add a link to the link page without any kind of inspection and they are commonly used to synthetically increase link popularity and are measured spam email by the major search engines.


Filter Word: A filter word is a common word that is unobserved by search engines because it appear unnatural for indexing purpose i.e, am, were, was, the, for, do, ETC also known as stop words.


Flash Page: Flash Page is Vector graphics-based animation software. It makes the page very attractive and rich but its basically poor from SEO point of view.


Frames: Frame are HTML Technique basically used for companioning or consisting two or more separate pages in single browser. Sites with frames are quite knotty for search engines to crawl and may perhaps not be indexed properly. Search engines frequently will only index and crawl pages linked within the <NOFRAMES> tag.


Forums: forum is an essential community and it’s identified as discussion forums. This is information exchange technique used through search engine optimizers and webmasters. From this technique users can post messages inside different forums, either to the group at huge or to confident users


Floating Ads: Floating ads is an ad that comes into view within the main browser window on peak of the page’s normal content, appearing to “float” over the apex of the page.


Feed: Feed is an xml file restraining captions and descriptions also called news feed, content feed, xml feed or web feed. Its can also indicate to PPC syndicated feeds, or merchant product feeds.


FTP: FTP also known as File Transfer Protocol and it’s a One of the most common methods from where transfer files between two computers and Internet sites.


Fresh Crawl: Fresh Crawl is basically known as to analysis already indexed pages. Google’s everyday scan of Web content and web page that occur flanked by the deep monthly crawls. Google does not announce the program of its in-between crawls or its target sites. The term “fresh crawl” is an illegal one used by Webmasters, site optimizers, and other Google obsessive.