Clocking: Clocking is same like black hat Seo and doorway page It’s a basically when the page serving the different content to search engine and different to human visitor that page specially made for Keywords stuffing and SERP. This is mostly spam and banned by search engine.

CPC: CPC (Cost Per Click) mostly known as Pay Per Click. The quantity or pay it will cost each time when a user selects your phrase or keyword.

CSS: CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) This is mostly used by designer to easily manipulate and effectively design the website.

CTR: CTR (Click Through Rate) The proportion of clicking on a link out of the total number who observe the link. For example, envision 10 people do a web search. In reply, they observe links to a variety of web pages. Three of the 10 people choose one exacting link. That link then has a 30 percent click through rate, also called CTR.

CTA: CTA Abbreviation as Content Targeted Advertising. This is the Pay per click ads on content page which is not related to search engines web sites.

Crawler: Crawler refers when search engines add a web site and robot sent out through search engines to copy websites on the internet. When a crawl indexes an website, this is known as ‘being Spidered’.

CGI: CGI (Common Gateway Interface) interface software connects a web server and additional machines or software organization on that server. Many common gateway interface programs are used to add interactivity to a web site.

CMS: CMS is known as Content Management System it’s a Tool used to facilitate make it easy to keep informed and add sequentially to a website.

Code Swapping: Code swapping is basically used when you got and achieved high ranking then change the content.

Cookie: Cookie is full information of a web site on the user’s computer.

Cached: Cached is known as a copy of a web site which is stored in a search engine database.

Conversion Rate: Conversion Rate is indicating to the website traffic of the visitors and rate of the visitor.

Conversion: Conversion is technique from where webmaster moderates all the information about web site like sales of the products on-line, substantial out of a contact form, inventory for a newsletter, etc.

Canonical URL: Canonical URL is the technique of option the best URL when there are numerous choices this generally indicates to home pages. Many webmasters use incompatible link structures right through their site that cause the exact same content to get indexed under multiple URLs.

Clustering: Clustering is a method where Search engine use to group one and two page from equal Domain in their Search Results pages and it’s a preventive each signify website to one or two listings .

Contextual advertisement: Contextual advertisement is refers to the content related advertisement.