Back Link: Back link is known as inbound link it’s an incoming link into a webpage or a website like which will be display on another site and this is the signal of importance and popularity of a website.

B2B: B2B refers to the Business to Business process like we can sell our products and services from Business to Business.

B2C: B2C Indicates to the Business to Consumer process from where we can sell our products and services to general public.

Bait and Switch: Bait and switch is an old and important technique used in SEO. This signifies the action of submitting one page to a search engine, coming up for the search engine to crawl it and then put back the page with another.

Blind Traffic: Blind Traffic is known as low quality traffic generated by deceptive banners or spam.

Blind Link: Blind Link is a link, banner or text, which give the wrong impression about the consumer into thinking it is something it is not. Thus taking them somewhere they did not initially intend to go.

Bot: Bot is known as Spider and crawler. Search engines make use of bots to search and add web pages to their search indexes.

Black Hat: Black Hat technique basically used is an unethical or illegal method adopted for optimizing the websites against search engines rules. IP cloaking, scraping, blog and forums spam and normally using unethical practices. These sites usually don’t last long.

Below the fold: Below the fold indicate to the consumer that content on a web page that oblige the user to scroll down to view and seen it.

Blog: Blog is generally known as “Weblog”. Blogs are just like mini-sites which are preserved by individual or corporate to start a medium for expressing their personal view or commentary. The production of Blogs, and the sharing of links throughout trackbacks between Blogs provides chance for SEO link building.

Broken Link: Broken Link known as “Dead link”. The link which is not working cause of lots of reason like:
1. The Link Does not Works.

2. A hyperlink which does not work, for example because the target file is lost, has been encouraged, or has no public read permission.

3. The Target page of the link has been deleted or moved; not accepted by search engines, always make sure any link from your pages is and remains live.

4. When a website going offline

Bridge Page: Bridge Page referred as Doorway or Gateway and it comes in Black hat seo.